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The time tested approach to build simply, at low-cost, and more sustainably, is directly beneath our feet. Using earth as a building material has many benefits. It is readily available, often on site, easy to use, completely safe and non-toxic, highly sculptable, and is strong, durable, and fire-resistant.

We specialize in creating structures and spaces that incorporate earthen and natural materials. Our methods include cob and adobe to slipped straw-infill and strawbale wall systems, clay plasters and lime renders, earthen floors, and custom stoves, ovens, and other functional features. Our projects range from small to large. We specialize in earthen remodeling and renovation of existing structures, to small out-buildings, guest cottages, community gathering spaces, up to full-size residential homes.

Along with offering consultations and working one on one with clients to actualize their projects, we offer educational workshops and programs that help expose and empower others with hands-on opportunity doing natural building. Hosting a workshop often brings other interested and passionate individuals to a project, adding diversity and the opportunity to enhance the learning experience. Mixing classroom time along with getting hands dirty provides an effective way to gain skill sets that can be used personally and shared again.

Now more than ever, its important to  bring back and reclaim our ability to build with the earth and one another.

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